Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford 2011 - colwiz

This year ten innovative technology startups have been invited to “Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford 2011”. colwiz will be there to share ideas with leading figures from Silicon Valley on Nov 21 at the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Last year, the event was attended by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and other prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders. Silicon Insider and ABC News columnist, Mike Melone, said about the last year’s event:

Oxford is now the leading centre in Europe for entrepreneurship education, and of all these companies coming out of Oxford… there will be a Google, there will be a Twitter.

The Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event is part of Silicon Valley Comes to UK Programme that brings together leading Investors, iconic serial entrepreneurs, ambitious students and successful angels from the UK with prominent Silicon Valley figures to discuss, debate, create and fund today’s most disruptive internet technologies that will change our world in the years to come. The UK Prime Minister has called it

Britain’s biggest inward investment programme… aimed at changing the ecosystem for entrepreneurship in the UK.

We are excited to be participating in this outstanding event. This year’s attendees include

  • Reid Hoffman, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, LinkedIn; Partner, Greylock Partners
  • Megan Smith, Vice President, New Business Development, Google
  • Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco
  • Allen Morgan, Managing Director, New Ventures Group, Idealab; Venture Partner, Mayfield Fund
  • Kal Patel, Partner, VantagePoint Capital Partners
  • Deepak Jayaraman, Executive Director, Corporate Engagement, Goldman Sachs
  • Mike Malone, Silicon Insider Columnist,
  • Jim Cuneen, California Strategies (former California State Assemblyman; ex-President & CEO, San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce)
  • More on the event website