Your research should not suffer when you’re away from your desktop. You need your research at your fingertips at all times, including while you’re at a conference, at the airport, or in a meeting. We’ve already released a new colwiz app for iPhone & iPad, and now is the time for Android. You can now access your colwiz account on your Android phones and tablet devices, wherever you are.

android phone application colwiz

colwiz Android app is packed with features which allow you to research on the go. You can easily access research articles with Full Text PDF and search 30+ scholarly databases, including Google Scholar, PubMed, and ArXiv, straight from your mobile device. You can retrieve the articles, add them to your library, or download them to your device to read offline. Your research will be synced throughout and available on all of the devices on which you use colwiz.

android tablet application for colwiz

Keeping in view colwiz’s goal of making research easier, we created an interface that is simple to understand and easy to navigate through. Whether you’re using an Android Tablet or Mobile phone, you will be able to immediately start breezing through colwiz . Now you never have to worry about leaving your Library on your desktop as your entire research is safely secured and easily accessed from your mobile or Tablet wherever you may be.

Download the app here and get started!

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