Following months of rigorous testing and developing, we are proud to announce the new release of colwiz. We have listened to researchers’ feedback, and revised colwiz to provide users with a more robust and reliable reference management and collaboration tool.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the updates:

  • interface redesign for colwiz Desktop and Web, making colwiz navigation more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing
  • labelling and icon revisions to make actions more instinctive
  • advanced settings and functions now easily located within the main menu
  • faster import times, with speeds boosted by up to 80%
  • file upload limitations removed from colwiz Drive, use colwiz to backup and share files of any size
  • unwanted / unused features and functions removed
  • check boxes introduced making multiple reference selection easier
  • clearer distinction between personal and shared libraries
  • revamped layout of reference information, attachment and notes panel
  • shorter sync times across devices and applications
  • improved sharing, now possible to select multiple references or folders and share them within colwiz or via email
  • create Groups and Projects within colwiz Desktop application
  • advanced searches, quickly filter searches by author, title and more
  • Improved search and import for Android and iOS apps

We are keen to hear your feedback on our most radical update yet, so please keep your comments coming by email ( and Twitter (@colwiz / @colwizsupport).