Taylor & Francis, one of the world’s leading academic publishers, today announced the launch of colwiz Interactive PDF Reader to enhance the reading experience across its list of 2,200 journals.

The Interactive PDF Reader is now available on all journal articles across Taylor & Francis Online including all of the Open Access content on Cogent OA. Readers can now directly highlight, annotate and draw on articles, quickly find referenced articles using clickable citations, and explore relevant articles. With 3GB of free storage, readers are also able to save article PDFs with annotations to their colwiz library and access them later on colwiz web, desktop, iOS and Android Apps.

“Taylor & Francis is delighted to implement the colwiz interactive PDF reader on tandfonline.com. Our aim is to support readers and researchers by enhancing the reading and annotation functionality of PDFs, providing reference management tools, and aiding effective collaboration,” commentsGenevieve Early, E-Products Director, Taylor & Francis Group.

colwiz and Taylor & Francis share a common mission – to accelerate the pace of research through innovation. By combining quality research content from Taylor & Francis with the colwiz interactive reader, researchers will be able to read, annotate and discover scholarly articles more effectively on Taylor & Francis Online and Cogent OA,” says colwiz’ Chairman Sir Michael Brady FRS.

Colwiz aims to facilitate the end-to-end research process for readers of Taylor & Francis Online, from reading papers and organisation of research literature to writing  of new articles. Readers will be able to cite articles added from Taylor & Francis Online and generate bibliographies in more than 7,000 citation styles including MLA, APA and Harvard when writing articles in MS Word, Open Office and LaTeX. With research becoming inherently collaborative, our new Google Docs integration will allow co-authors to collaboratively write and cite papers added from Taylor and Francis Online in Google Docs.

“Our partnership with Taylor & Francis is a big milestone in enabling the growing research community to discover, access and utilize high quality scholarly content. colwiz optimizes the research experience by providing simple tools to organize research literature, share ideas and write new articles. These integrate well into existing research workflow, allowing readers to concentrate on developing novel research directions,” said Prof David Gavaghan, Chief Scientist at colwiz.

You can find a quick overview of all the exicting features we packed in our Interactive PDF Reader over here: https://www.colwiz.com/interactive-reader.

To see colwiz Interactive PDF Reader in action, click on “PDF’ and select ‘View Interactive PDF’ on this article: Are prices of New dwellings different? A spectral analysis of UK property vintages

For more details see Taylor & Francis press release and Taylor & Francis-colwiz partnership page.

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