• Live interactive dashboard shows countries and institutions leading with OA
  • Designed to serve as a policy tool to monitor global progress on OA
  • Powered by DOAJ and UnPaywall, leading Open Access datasets

In the spirit of the theme of OA Week 2018, we want to celebrate the progress of countries and institutions around the world which are at the forefront of making their research more accessible. wizdom.ai live interactive OA dashboard, with powerful analytics and visualisations, will be continuously updated to track global progress on Open Access and will serve as a policy tool for all stakeholders in the research ecosystem.

Following on our analysis of impact of Brexit on UK Universities, and an analysis on the research behind Olympics, this #OAWeek, we updated our research graph with one of the most comprehensive datasets on open access from UnPaywall and DOAJ. We analysed over 90 million research publications across 73,000 journals, from 80,000 research organisations and institutions to identify the countries and institutions leading by the number and share of their OA publications.

In our analysis of the global open access trend, we classify publications by authors from Institutions (and by extensions countries) as Open Access and Non Open Access, to identify whether a publication is accessible to researchers and general public around the world without a paywall. This presents a global picture of consolidated efforts by institutions, funders and countries through various mechanisms, by implementing institutional/government repositories (Green OA), encouraging their authors to publish in fully open access or hybrid journals (Gold OA), through free availability of publications by publishers (Bronze OA) or through self archiving by authors.

The open access movement has brought together all stakeholders in the global academic research ecosystem, across government agencies, funders, researchers, academic publishers and institutions on to the table to collectively take stock of their current and potential contributions, as well as impact in scholarly research. It has also accelerated various debates in the research community around the reproducibility, transparency, sustainability, equitability, and ethics of academic research and has evolved into a drive for a more ‘open’ and inclusive research process, beyond the accessibility of final research outputs.

At wizdom.ai, as a startup founded by researchers and incubated out the University of Oxford software incubator, we are passionate about accelerating the pace of innovation and discovery through scholarly research, and we hope this live interactive dashboard will serve as a policy tool for institutions and countries around the world to make further progress on Open Access.

Please reach out to us for a more detailed analysis of research outputs for your institution and country.