Thanks everyone for the great feedback during private beta. Now we are opening invitations to researchers at academic institutions. Signup or ask one of your colleague for an invite who is already using colwiz.

collective wizdom is a comprehensive suite of research management, collaboration and productivity applications for end-to-end research management available as desktop versions (Windows, Linux, Mac) and online versions in the cloud. Researchers can use colwiz to

  • Manage references, cite and insert bibliographies, search 100+ million publications, visualise, import, export, recommend and share papers using colwiz Library.
  • Keep track of due dates, meetings, and day-to-day research activities with multiple calendars for research, work, projects and personal use.
  • Prioritise research tasks, set deadlines and organise work with multiple ToDo Lists.
  • Import your existing library to immediately see detailed publication statistics, graphs, charts, co-authors, timelines and research patterns, all updating in real-time.
  • Highlight the areas of interest, mark pictures and graphs with annotation tools, and make comments as you read with PDF reader.
  • Discuss scientific problems, comment on publications, share equations and links and stay informed about the latest research activities.
  • Maintain online research profile, collaborate with research contacts, share publications and communicate using private messages

Here is a brief overview of collective wizdom

We hope you find colwiz useful in your day to day research.

colwiz Team