Our team has been busy improving colwiz this summer and now, to kick off the new academic year, we’re ready to help you do your research even more efficiently.

Keeping with the tradition, colwiz will be at Oxford University’s Freshers’ Fair this Wednesday through Friday (9 – 11 October, 2013). The fair will be held in the historic setting of the Examination Schools and will be attended by more than 10,000 students.

To make this academic year more productive, we are giving away 5GB free storage for every new sign-up before the 31st October! Now you can manage all your research papers, theses, drafts, and data sets during the academic year, so you can focus on your research without worrying about running out of storage.

We will also be offering the new and improved version to students at the Oxford University Freshers’ Fair, who will have the special opportunity to preview and use this new version before we launch it to the rest of the research community. We will announce these features on our blog as they become available on our website, desktop and mobile applications.

Keep us posted on your research, stay tuned to our blog, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with all the latest colwiz news and to get in touch at any time.

Our team is excited to see you all at the Fresher’s Fair!