Just over a month ago, we breathed new life into our desktop application. Background processes and memory footprints were reduced and a bunch of infrastructural kinks were ironed out. But the most attention was given to the management side of the reference manager, making it more user-friendly: the popular functions of colwiz have been brought to the fore and the least active functions grouped into a single options panel, or completely removed.

As part of these ongoing improvements to colwiz, today we’re happy to announce a major update to colwiz.com – the new online colwiz Library.


Home Sweet Home!



One thing immediately apparent when you log in is the uniformity of design across the online Library and its desktop counterpart. We want users to feel right at home no matter where they access their colwiz Library from.  Additionally, the whole interface is now responsive to your display’s aspect ratio, allowing the application to stretch to the edges of your screen. The increased space ensures a clutter-free experience and better readability.


Let’s dive deeper…




Looks aside, there are a bunch of neat improvements to the overall experience. Some of these additions are highlighted in the picture and described below:

1) A much more focused panel of tools. The visual changes in this list make it stand apart, solidifying it as your hub of all features.

2) Folder categories such as “Recently added” and “Collections” have been replaced with a simpler “All Publications” folder that houses all your publications and neatly groups all your collection folders. The option to view recent publications can now be found in the “Sort” options.

3) Check boxes have been introduced for easier multi-selection.

4) A new context-based search bar has been added. This lets you search your own reference library or the entire colwiz database.

5) Options to toggle the view of the Library and sort its content are more accessible.

6) PDF attachments are now indicated with large icons which open in our interactive PDF viewer, allowing you to annotate and highlight the PDF directly.

7) Add notes on a reference quickly, without even switching to editing mode.

We hope you’ll like the changes we’ve made to the colwiz Library. Please keep your feedback coming and stay tuned to learn about more improvements to colwiz. Later this week we’ll take a look at the revamped colwiz Drive.


The colwiz Team