As part of last week’s update from colwiz, smart folders have been introduced to make sorting your library even simpler. Gone are the days of organising your library manually – colwiz now automatically sorts publications according to the criteria that you set.

Smart folders search out and file your research material so that relevant papers are automatically placed within a single folder. As the following image shows, smart folders can be set to search with multiple parameters such as title, author, and keywords, to create bespoke reading lists.


Select from a range of parameters such as title, author, year, DOI and more.


Once the smart folder has been created, those articles within your colwiz Library that match the folder’s search criteria are instantly copied into it. This system is continuous: as relevant articles are added into your colwiz Library they are automatically sorted into your smart folder. What’s more, there is no limit on the number of smart folders that you can create.


All related references are instantly tagged in your smart folder.

Smart folders were a feature requested by colwiz members and we are happy to introduce them with our latest update. We are always attentive to our users’ suggestions and more recommended features are currently in development. In part three of this series we will dig deeper into the colwiz Drive.