Collaboration is at the heart of colwiz. On our platform, users can create unlimited public and private groups, fill them with an unlimited number of members, and even store up to 30GB of content on their shared drives, all for free. Today we’re adding another huge feature that will expand the collective potential of you and your peers.

We are pleased to announce that, for the first time, you and your colleagues can create, share and view each other’s annotated documents through colwiz Drive!


From now on, all .docx, .pptx and PDF files present in your drive will open up in the standard colwiz iPDF viewer. Here, you can annotate as you normally do. But the real enhancement is this: as soon as you share this document, your collaborators can not only view your annotations, but make their own as well, which in turn become visible to you too.

See annotations of your peers by selecting them from the right-side panel.

As multiple people annotate the same document, it is constantly updated on the cloud. Therefore, at any point of reading a shared document, you can select a person from the right-side panel and instantly see what annotations they made.

For learning and research groups on colwiz, this presents a great opportunity. For example, lecturers can now upload their course documents with annotated explanations for their students who can collectively annotate lecture notes, presentations and manuscripts. Members of research groups can simultaneously work on the same document without having to exchange multiple versions of it.

Supporting the leading document file types

For the moment, this feature is available for MS Word 2013 (.docx), MS Powerpoint 2013 (.pptx) and PDF files. Support for more file types will be gradually added in the future. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement to this feature. As always, stay tuned to our twitter, facebook and blog pages for updates.

The colwiz Team