Today colwiz announces the release of its Interactive PDF Reader on the website of the world’s largest publisher of civil engineering content, the American Society of Civil Engineers. Formed in 1852, the society serves a community of over 145,000 practising and academic civil engineers worldwide. These members are now able to highlight and annotate journal articles as they read them on the ASCE Library website.

The Interactive PDF Reader is available on all journal articles across meaning that readers can digitally highlight, annotate and draw on articles, or just save them to their colwiz library to read and edit later. To try out the Interactive PDF Reader functionality, click on ‘Complete PDF’ and select ‘View Interactive PDF in colwiz’ on this article: Climate Impact Risks and Climate Adaptation Engineering for Built Infrastructure.

Bruce Gossett, Managing Director, Publications, at the American Society of Civil Engineers, states “The HTML5 Interactive PDF Reader and accompanying colwiz collaboration tools align with the Society’s goal to provide readers in the ASCE Library with value-added services that become part of the civil engineers’ workflow”.

colwiz is proud to bring its cutting edge software to America’s trusted leader in innovative, safe and sustainable civil engineering. Reading, annotating, storing and citing content has never been so easy!

Read here to learn more about the colwiz Interactive PDF Reader on ASCE journals.