On new year’s eve, we advanced into 2016 by enabling Chrome users to add citations in Google Docs while working collaboratively on research papers.

We know how important it is for researchers to work together seamlessly, that is why we did not want to confine our users to a single browser and have worked hard to create a powerful citation solution for Google Docs that is compatible across all browsers and is absolutely free.


A Native Google Docs Add-on Is Here!

That’s right! Starting today, no matter which browser you use – you can go to the Google Docs Add-on store and download the colwiz add-on for the fastest and easiest way to add citations and auto-generate bibliographies. Just like its counterpart in the Chrome extension, users are able to easily browse their colwiz library or search online for any article they want to cite.


Work Together On The Same Paper

Instead of managing different tabs and shuffling between bulky software and your paper, you can search and create citations automatically within a single window. Your co-authors too can jump into the action and directly contribute their own citations in real time. Collaborating on a research paper has never been easier!


Easily Cite and Generate Bibliographies in 7,000+ Styles

The colwiz citation manager is built for quickness and speed. Editing a citation is super-easy by just going back to the add-on sidebar and updating the references. Bibliographies are generated on a single click and can be accurately formatted in over 7,000 of the most popular citation styles in the world.

Download the colwiz add-on here to get started right away. Curious to learn more? Read here.

Your feedback and suggestions help us build new features and improvements in our products that help researchers around the world. Get in touch with your comments at support@colwiz.com. Let’s accelerate research together.